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Mixtape Maker: Updates and Latest Beta Versions Here

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v1.8.27.73 released with preliminary wavpack support.

I do not have any these types of files (let alone nice and tagged up ones) so I'm not sure if the tag search properties are implemented properly.  Give it a try and see. :)

I'm not much for making mix tapes, but Wavpack support owns (I too am a big Wavpack fan, formerly of FLAC).  Most people that are familiar with Wavpack & FLAC, find Wavpack to be superior.  Excellent move adding support!

Random Mix Tape Maker v1.8.30.82 posted!

Keyword priority search option has been added.

A LOT of code was re-written! Because of this, realize that this is very much a BETA release! If anyone finds any bugs with it please try to recreate them and report them.  I'm only a one-man testing machine, so any help is appreciated.

hi seedling,

Hope you had a good christmas and new year. Have been using RMTM v1.8.30.82, and enjoying it v. much.

I have a minor (probably not in code terms) suggestion, related to the Keyword section, which arises from this:

Say I want to have 5 random songs by the band "Love" included in my playlist, I get stacks of songs with "Love" in the TITLE. Is there anyway you could include these options?

What do you think?


i like that idea, that could really widdle down specifically what you're looking for.  it can be done.  i just need some time atm to do it.


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