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Mixtape Maker: Updates and Latest Beta Versions Here

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Something I saw that's pretty appropriate to go along with this app:

Mixtape Memory Stick

Mixtape Maker Review:

Hello everybody,
first thanks for this great tool, it helps a lot!

I hope this is the right thread where to post this improvement request of this wonderful tool.

You might have had the chance of having a playlist you like and need to re-create it
from a music archive source different from that you currently use (eg a friend's playlist,
or an old one while your archive has been update or you have low quality files in a folder and you want to search the same tracks
from your high quality archive).

With huge archives as mine it is very time consuming rebuilding large playlists by hand.

What I'm doing is getting the songs titles into keywords and having Mixtape maker find the tracks,
but I've seen that despite the space character is included in the search ( I can do a search "Last night, Beat it, etc")
the LF/CR is not excluded from the search thus a search like this won't work:

--- ---Last night,
Beat it,

EDIT: even the spaced titles in sequence separated with commas won't work. Just tried with a 50 titles playlist  :(

It would be really great to exclude LF/CR so that song titles as keywords could be easily added/removed from keyword search
or eventually have an option to use it instead of commas (I have several tracks titles with commas inside).

Eventually an option to drag and drop an existant playlist or folder to parse for song titles and input them as keywords would be a +.
What do you think about the idea?

Have a nice day,

Welcome to the site Virgus!

It's been so long since Mixtape Maker was updated, i'm not sure if the author still even has the source code but i'll try to contact him.

While you're at it, I'd really like the option when making multiple playlists, (to burn on to CD/DVD/etc), to not include previously included songs  :)

Currently, if I create five 700MB playlists for a CD set, some CDs will include songs already on other CDs.


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