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Mixtape Maker: Updates and Latest Beta Versions Here

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Random Mix Tape Maker v1.9.38.105

I'm only going to list the changelog for the last few builds here from now on as it's getting extensive.  To see an entire list of changes in the app's history, refer to the readme.txt file included in the .zip file.

Release History
------------------------------------ 19-Sep-2008
  * Options are now in their own separate window.
    Simply click the "Show Options" to access them.

  * Songs from the created playlist must now be right-click-dragged out of
    the playlist area. This fixes a potentially disastrous situation where
    songs dragged to another location would be moved instead of copied.
    This also now fixes the locking up issue with Nero Burning Rom.

  * Fixed Excluded keyword logic
  * Removed the Randomize Playlist only option. 29-Jan-2008
  + Added a redundancy option to have it affect the Must Have List 28-Jan-2008
  + Added the ability to drag and drop .m3u files onto both BlackList or
    Must-Have List
  * Adjusted the way Random MixTape Maker reads ID3 info. (It now reads
    from ID3v2->ID3v1. It used to read from ID3v1->ID3v2) This will ensure
    more complete info displayed and referenced from properly tagged files
  * Fixed a startup issue when starting maximized did not fill the screen
  * Adjusted the behavior of keyword checked options.
    Only by checking 'Use Keywords' can the 'Keyword Priority' option be used.
    Only by checking 'Use Keywords Exclusively' can the 'Keyword Options' be
    used. Keyword entry fields are only active if one of the above keyword options
    is selected.

--- End quote ---

Click HERE for more information and DOWNLOAD:

great work, i like the new interface!

Thanks for the fast change in the genre selection.  By now I really love your tool!!

Cheers.... Marc

v1.0.4.36 posted  :Thmbsup:

v1.0.4.37 posted  :Thmbsup:


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