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"ShowOff", - 'Time to hide' with multiple keys pressed - question?

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Found ShowOff few days ago, and it is good. Love the straightforward approach.  :up:
I even figured out the .ini, and edited it to make things the way I wanted. Makes my videotuts way more understandable.

I have a question about the Time to Hide feature:
I wanted my keyboard shortcuts to be visible for 3 seconds and figured that I should put '3000' to the .ini file on the "time to hide" to make this happen. I did and it kinda works, but then it doesn't. I'll try to explain my problem:

If i press single key i.e. "Ctrl" it shows that for 3 seconds.
But if I press multiple keys ie. "Ctrl+Shift+C", and let go, "C" and "Shift" will disappear from the display right away, and only "Ctrl" stays for 3 seconds..

- Is there a way to make the whole key combination to stay 3 secs after releasing?

Using this in win7 if that has anything to do with it..

you can also get help with this sort of question at the Autohotkey forum

Umm? So this software is dead and not developed anymore?  :huh:
..And the only way to get this fixed would be to learn to code. Right?

-No thanks.

But if there still is someone making these neat little tools. Please read the first post!

Umm? So this software is dead and not developed anymore?  :huh:-yardan74 (January 31, 2013, 04:48 AM)
--- End quote ---

Apologies, yardan74, but welcome to the site all the same.  =]  The original author of this tool, Skrommel, hasn't been active for several years now.



I kinda figured that he is inactive.
I managed to google up a replacement that does the job pretty much the way I want. I'd still love to have this because this one is waaaay more customizable. And thus better looking.

But yeah.  8)


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