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(From Slashdot) Is the Computer Revolution Coming to a Close?


Paul Keith:

(From Slashdot) Is the Computer Revolution Coming to a Close?

Notable keywords in the comments:

Augmented Reality

Not Really for Software

Without a World of Microsoft, the innovation would not have reached towards the unwashed masses

Criticism of the above: OpenGL, MS Bloatware, "The Internet is a Fad", PDA

My comment:

Ironically I disagree with the trend. I view the next revolution as being Tim Ferris baby boomers.

Those who read the "someone hired someone to do a job for them" thread already heard the first shot.

Humans are inherently selfish and our greatest skills have always been domesticating animals. Now that most animals have either need to become extinct or sanctuarized, we've set our sights on ourselves.

We will be the next revolution. The maid or virtual assistant revolution where workplace philosophies found in Google would flow towards everyday living and the maid service will create a new form of outsourcing meets machine learning operator meets industrial revolution wage slavery all combine into Tech Maids that knows how to work all the gadgets, buy all the gadgets, work on the coding, life coach you through all the system settings for everyday life.

IT and HR will merge into Human TMs (Human Trademarkers for the monopolizing of Tech Maids) which is kind of like establishing a job where the family doctor is only for the family or the plumber is only working for members of a certain union.  


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