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Why touch screens will never rule the world

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Nice short article, with a simple reason that's hard to argue: simple ergonomics.

At first, you might think, “Touch has been incredibly successful on our phones, tablets, airport kiosks and cash machines. Why not on our computers?”

I'll tell you why not: because of “gorilla arm.”

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Relevant reference material:

from somewhar ah ferget

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Haynes:
Not to mention sausage fingers make touching small targets very hit and miss and frustrating.

I don't have particularly fat fingers but I find typing on my tablet (the odd email or short document) almost impossible to do without error and then trying to place the cursor to enter corrections is nigh on impossible.

Add to that multiple screen desktop setups and who is going to have the energy to work all day reaching across screen up to 72" wide! Assuming you can keep your desk clear enough to reach!!!

On your mobile device, check the "Developer" settings. Some have an option to "trace" finger motions so you can see where your "hit" is and where it goes as you drag. That can help if you have fat fingers.

Carol Haynes:
That can help if you have fat fingers.
-Renegade (January 24, 2013, 05:09 AM)
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Thanks - but I haven't got fat fingers, its just not possible to be totally precise with a finger compared to a mouse pointer.


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