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Feature Request - Option to Cut Selection vs only "Crop To Selection"

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I'll reply in more detail later, when have time.  Either some don't understand (I'm not making clear) the simplicity of what I'm talking about, or got way off track.  What I mean isn't complicated.  Several capture apps have "cut" feature & almost? all half decent image editors.  SSC is way more than screen capture app.

Yes, you can "remove data."  What takes more KB - complicated foliage background or black?  Just an example - took a 564KB pic & cut it all (extreme experiment) - left black background.  Resulting file took 46 KB.  You can remove data.

If want to remove certain interior parts of an image, to make smaller size for emailing, posting (other reasons), or just cut some parts away, then "cut selection" tool has a place.
MAYBE using pixilate tool wouldn't use much more data than black (after cutting) - dunno.  Not tested.

It IS very nice that there's a lasso selection tool, to outline then crop.  Can eliminate lot of data.  Maybe I want to cut out the girl next to me at some party - who knows?
  Guess can then apply ragged / fancy border, or is that another app?  
There ARE ways to do it in SSC now.  Some may be lot more trouble than a simple "cut selection" & "cut outside selection" button w/ shortcuts.
Only diff in "cut outside selection" & "crop to selection" is former doesn't recenter image.

When is not centering after cut (or crop) useful?  When have RULERS in many apps - even word processors (I requested heap many moons ago.  Ugg).  And if you want remaining object aligned w/ rulers.  That goes for any kind of cutting, cropping, chopping, dicing.  

W/ rulers, after any kind of cut / removal (or crop, but NOT recenter), can continue work using actual measurements (on a ruler w/ moving cursor marks at horiz. / vertical rulers - also suggested), rather than trying to focus on the image & position of selection lines / cursor AND reading the tiny, tiny  coordinate values way down at bottom of screen.

Don't get me wrong - BOTH values at screen bottom (or somewhere) AND rulers are useful / needed.  One wrench doesn't fit every nut.
I just prayin' that Mr. Mouser von Traps makes 'em numbers (& Options font) so th' looks bigger on my Commodore 64 screen.

I have problems looking at 2 objects - on opposite sides of the screen, at once - especially if nearly need hand lens to see one of them (x, y coord. / total area,etc.).

I'll reply in more detail later, when have time.  Either some don't understand (I'm not making clear) the simplicity of what I'm talking about, or got way off track.-cathie28 (August 27, 2013, 02:31 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm afraid it's still not clear to me what you want to be able to do with SC - do you want to cut in order to be able to paste; or do you want to cut in order to change the area that is cut?


It can be hard for me to follow/reply when there are a lot of points in one post.

Let me try to reply to a couple and then encourage separate threads for separate issues -- it's easier for others to add on in those cases too, and say "i would also like this" when each request is on it's own thread.

So let's leave the rulers and values showing selection size issue for another thread -- i'm not opposed to considering such things.

For now i'm more interested in the "cut out area" request.

As has been pointed out above, unlike the case of cropping, we can't really "remove" an interior area -- we can only fill it with something.

Right now SC has a few ways to do this:

* It can pixelate or blur, which leaves the contents partially visible.
* It can fill in the area with black interlaced lines, meant to draw attention to the idea that the contents are being redacted.
* It can "patch", which attempts to smartly fill in the contents based on the background of nearby pixels.
* It can "splicte out" a horizontal of vertical area (with ragged edge effects if desired).
It is perhaps an oversite that there is no easy way to tell SC to fill the contents with an arbitrary solid color (or even mark it as transparent); the patch action is meant to do that but doesn't give you the choice of manually specifying the background color.

So my question for you is, when you want to "remove" some interior area, is what you want covered by something i've mentioned here -- or do you have in mind something different?

[edit: looks like tomos beat me to the reply and said in one sentence what it took me a page to say]


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