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Possible to trigger this...

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I am wonderin if it is possible to trigger google search by making a hotkey. For example, I shall type best softwares in search box and hit Ctrl+Enter and it should make a google search for best software keyword.
Possible to do something like this? And how please?

Thanks in advance.

Seeems great software and only one convincing after using google quick search box for years.

there are some aliases already for this kind of thing:

search best software

and then hit enter (or choose a different engine to search with :)

I can not use only enter because if the word I type to search in google is found in my computer then it will be opened/run instead of searching in google. Thats why I need to set it to a hotkey like Ctrl + Enter to force it to be searched in google ONLY. I hope I am clear to tell what I try to do. Btw I am already using enter key to make searches.


as long as you start by typing: search
(as in my example)

FARR should only show search actions for what you type after.

Or am i missing something?

Correct but I do not want to type search everytime. Thats why want to use use a hot key if possible. You see?


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