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Computer science student expelled for testing university software security

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The job offers are starting up now.
He may have fast-tracked his career!

Report says even Skytech is offering.
Hm, I think there will be more info sometime tomorrow. (January 21, 2013, 11:05 PM)
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Hrm, did he actually do anything interesting, or did he just run some scriptkiddeialready-existing tools?

If the latter, something smells fishy wrt. job offers...

Hrm, did he actually do anything interesting, or did he just run some scriptkiddeialready-existing tools?
-f0dder (January 22, 2013, 09:16 AM)
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He did something interesting to find out the problem, i.e. was writing a utility for students, and realized there was a hole.

Then he ran already-existing tools to see if the problem had been fixed.

Stoic Joker:
MONTREAL — The Dawson Student Union is demanding immediate reinstatement of Hamed Al-Khabaz as a computer-science student at the Montreal CEGEP.
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Montreal college student union defends expelled computer science student

Or just sign the petition to reinstate him

Reading that article (Montreal college student union defends expelled computer science student) gives me a warm feeling.  Go go Dawson Student Union!  Nice to hear that he has someone standing up for him there.

At this moment you can bet there are a large number of Dawson college administrators who are in their bathrooms dry heaving in panic at the disastrous public relations nightmare they have caused themselves by thinking they could just kick this kid out of school and never have to justify their actions or defend their actions in the light of day.

Even if you believe that they did the right thing by expelling him -- I hope you can agree that if you ran an institution/department and went to the extreme steps of flunking a student from his classes, kicking him out of school, and forcing him to refund his grants -- that you would be prepared to get up publicly and defend your actions and explain exactly what he did wrong and what you did about it, and why it justified his expulsion.

I expect what we're going to see now is a bunch of rats trying to jump ship and figure out a way for them to undo this nightmare lest they have to get up and explain how they expelled this kid without having good reason to do so.

Useful timeline of events and facts here:

Reading it just makes me more convinced that the computer science department at Dawson has behaved unforgivably; if they have a different set of facts they need to present them publicly.


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