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Yes. The LastPass database that holds your username/password combos etc.

I have reached a point where everytime I add a new one, one of the old ones goes away.  Very very frustrating and undermines my trust in the product to a point where I think I'm done with them.

I couldn't find anything like it in their support database and they have no easy way of getting in touch so I decided it was time to terminate.

I'm happy that all of you have hundreds or more entries with no trouble. Not my experience.  I *have* been very satisfied up until a couple of months ago when this nonsense began. It was only today when it royally screwed with my Donation Coder password that I decided it was time.

It *has* since been pointed out that perhaps there was a problem with the database and perhaps I should have looked for a database oriented fix, which I totally was *not* looking for in their support system.

Of course, now I feel like a total dork.

Obviously my tolerance for solving computer problems has sunk to an all new low. I have no idea how I'm going to continue to do it for another ten years until I can retire.  Methinks I'll be living unemployed and in a ditch soon ;)

Support page for contacting them, after clicking SUPPORT and then MY ACCOUNT:

It seems no one here is able to reproduce your problem. My father uses the free service and has no problems with it, and he has over 400+ logins, much to my dismay and constant pressure for him to clean them up.

I've submitted support tickets and had them resolved fairly quickly. I've also emailed support and received responses from Joe on multiple occasions, even before I paid for the service.

... my tolerance for solving computer problems has sunk to an all new low.-Daleus (January 21, 2013, 12:45 PM)
--- End quote ---
I can relate to that.

One thing you could do (if you wanted) to stay with LastPass is export your info and create a new account and import.


That is exactly what I just did and I may have uncovered part of the evil plot to steal my password.....

Says the latest version of FireFox (18.0.1) is not compatible with the browser extension.  Hhhrrmmppph. Seems to be working fine with Chrome and even IE.

I'm beginning to see how Firefox is losing the battle and how Chrome is picking up the slack.

Now, after a day of arsing around with this thing, I am exhausted.

Regarding submitting a ticket, I followed Josh's link and saw no difference in what I had already experienced - I kept getting directed to the page o links. Going down the rabbit hole a bit further, I just clicked on a random FAQ link and discovered that you don't get to see links to submit a ticket until after you click on one of the links to go to one of their FAQs.

So for ranting and carrying on like I'm five, for the cursing and swearing, for the pendulum swing of emotion (cuz it sure wasn't logic) I apologize and issue many thanks to all who responded and tried to be helpful.

Did you sign in to your account? To access that page, you must be signed in. I can see a "Support summary" at the bottom of the page.


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