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Process Tamer doesn't tame 64Bit processes on Win7/64 Home prem.

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I have found a decent alternative here:

The page is in French (for me) - I could swear it was in english when I downloaded it!

This one will also manage IO priority as well as process priority.

Wondering what it said, I just dropped this into Google Translate:
-legendcvb (June 05, 2013, 07:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

It apparently reads:
"This software is free and efficient. But stopped development. Shame, really."

Just for the record, I'm using PT in Win8.1 PRO-64, and it seems to work OK.

Since making the above comment/post I have reason to suggest that it looks as though PT does have problems with at least some 64-bit processes in Win8.1-64 PRO. Not sure if the two problems below are connected:

Thanks for the report, Iain.
I will fix.


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