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Virtual Folders


How the heck do I create virtual folders with UserKeywords or UserFlag. I tried different combinations (with "LIKE" and "=") but nothing seems to work. Ughh, I'm too stupid for this....  :huh:
This is the most useful/unique function of CHS but it's not explained anywhere properly  :(

Ahhh... I just realized I was using "" instead of ''
It's working now  :)

Good work figuring it out -- it's not very well documented so the fact that you figured it out is actually quite an accomplishment..  :up:
Welcome to the site.

Actually I was just looking at "Clips with URLs" and wondering what am I missing...
I think a few more sample folders could help to see how it all works, when to use "like", "=true", ">" etc
Or in the help file when you have the list of all fields you could include examples.


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