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Windows Secrets course on facebook safety

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Instead of me copy&pasting it all, facebookers may go to and read the thorough course on how to deal with the new changes in facebook, and how to make safe settings.


The challenge of understanding Facebook privacy

Review and change privacy via Privacy Shortcuts
   Figure 1. Facebook's Privacy Shortcuts gives you quick access to basic privacy settings.
   Figure 2. Facebook's options for choosing who sees your future posts
   Figure 3. The Custom Privacy tool gives finer control over who sees your future posts.

Managing your timeline posts, likes, tags, etc.
   Figure 4. As you work with Facebook's privacy settings, popup dialog boxes can walk you through the log-review process.
   Figure 5. If you don't like being tagged in a photo, you can ask that the tag or photo be removed.

Viewing how your timeline looks to others

Controlling who can send you messages
   Figure 6. Facebook's friend-request control

Locking down access to your previous posts
   Figure 7. The Who can look me up? control also lets you control search-engine access to your Facebook timeline.
   Figure 8. Facebook's Timeline and Tagging Settings
   Figure 9. The blocking controls include the ability to restrict applications from using your personal information. Secrets headlines
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Carol Haynes:
Can't help feeling that it becoming a good idea to simply dump Facebook if you want security - every time I sort out the security settings on you account Facebook publish an update and change the security settings and restore them to insecure defaults.

I recently discovered that FB had made almost all my timeline public when I always set security to friends only.

Its REALLY annoying!

40hz sez: Friends don't 'friend' friends on Facebook. 8)

  I've never used FaceCrook.  All they do is spy on everything you do and say and sell the information to marketers and the government.

And with FaceBook´s new thing called ´graph´ the cat is finally out of the bag. It already is too late, but dump it anyway!


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