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DONE: Practice that ALGEBRA. Yer Right? A random equation generator.


This program may come in useful for students that need to practice their Algebra skills. The program makes some harder Algebra equations that you need to solve. Once you solve the equation, you put the answer into the program to see if it is correct. The program was made using VB Net 2010, so you will need the Net Runtime library. Hopefully the screen capture below shows what I mean:

For some reason the program crashes on earlier versions of the Net runtime libraries loaded on XP, but works on Net Version 4 runtimes with Windows 7 loaded.

Have fun solving those damn Maths Algebraic Equations. Perhaps use a pen and paper, as some equations might be a bit challenging.

Regards ED

About crashes on XPWindows XP doesn't like .NET 4. Make sure that it's Windows XP SP3 first.

If you can, target .NET 3.5:

XP supports it.

You'll lose a few things in there, but you'll still get things like generics and other cool stuff.

I will try to compile under Net 3.5 and see if it does not crash. Thanks Renogade.


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