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Links Page - Best Freeware Development?

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Here is something I was thinking of when i first saw the links page here, but of course never followed up on it till now ;)  It would be nice to add Top Freeware Developers to the links page as well - if this is something that is doable.  This could be a long messy list, but i was thinking more along the lines of developers who have dedicated themselves over time to providing software  that is: quality, has a well designed interface, is complete, essential/invaluable, reliable, with up-to-date versions, including a wide selection of programs in freeware form.  I would love to kick of a list with three sites that come to mind: (which is what reminded me of the whole idea when mouser posted that link)

I'm sure there are plenty others, I just don't feel like thinking that hard right now, it's a holiday ;)

i think this is a great idea.

i will add a section on list page for it today, but maybe it even deserves  its own special page if this list gets big enough.
these freeware developers deserve the recognition.

ps. analogx is great freeware developer.

This could lead to some contention, but I'll bit hard on my tongue, or fingers, as it were.  :)

Nir Sofer is the best example I know of.

ive added those 3 posted by vegas since i agree that all 3 are excellent.
if our list of top freeware authors gets too big for the links page i propose we make a new page just for freeware author links.
i'd like to restrict the list to authors who have released like 3, 4, 5 or more freeware programs, otherwise it will just be too big a list.
So basically it will be a list of dedicated freeware authors who have a page with all their soft on it.

Separate question, should i add "Links" link to the top navigation bar at the top of each page?
is there room for it on everyone's screen?

I'd add a separate page for these individual developers, since some — like the two SysInternals guys — are heroes.

__Karen's Power Tools

Here are others, but not necessarily great:
__Moon Software
__Kurt Zimmermann


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