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i added karen's.

moon software has some very nice tools, but in order to keep our list from growing out of control, i suggest we further restrict it to developers who focus (almost) entirely on freeware; this would exclude moon software.  there are just so many great freeware programs it would be folly for us to try to them justice so we'll have to be stingy about listing sites if we plan to keep with the idea of having a short list.

i also added a link to jan's freeware:

this is an incredible collection of free delphi components and freeware utilities, games, etc.
one of those sites that makes you question your own productivity  :huh:

regarding the link in the top menu for "links"  great idea.  I can't imagine anyone not having room for it, I'm running a laptop w/ a small screen and the headings only go about halfway across.  I am aware that there may be visually impaired viewers to the site and I have no idea of how a person with such a limitation has their screen setup, but I'm personally all for it. :up:


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