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The people behind Babylon translation software have been working on a new version. Now it has been launched, so I downloaded it with great eager, because I was a huge fan of Babylon 6, a modest fan of version 7, a user of version 8, and a disappointed owner of a useless "lifetime" license key to version 9. Now the big question is of course, if this new version will make me a huge fan again?

They have introduced some changes, but I feel certain the changes only apply to the look of the program, the GUI, not the program itself (except that Win 8 now is supported). It still doesn't work with Firefox -  and I don't want to use Internet Explorer.

I can recommend Babylon 10 only if you are using Internet Explorer. edit: I haven't tested the combination.

Oh, I wanted to tell you a lot more about version 10,
but right now I am so disappointed with these people,
that I will stop right here.

it's a bummer when software you love goes like that ...

Curt, many thanks for your update about Babylon 10.  From what you've said, I think I'll stick with Babylon 6, which I  use every day.  It's the best online dictionary I know for Spanish.  I love it, but I've never seen a reason to "upgrade" in spite of their annoying pop-up ads offering me a later version for a good price.  If and when you feel like adding to your comments about version 10, I'd be most interested, but even your relatively short message today was immensely helpful.  Vielen Dank.

-what made me stop was my anger with yet another lifetime key of mine being outdated.

Babylon, White Smoke, and eTeacher Hebrew, are all one and the same company!  :down:
I may not be able to prove it, hey I may even be wrong!, but the methods and the timing in their various campaigns tells me, I am right, and they are a bunch of bad guys.

Curt, you may be right.  I know nothing about eTeacher Hebrew, but my knowledge of Babylon and White Smoke makes me doubt that they're the same company.  I say this because Babylon at one point was able to produce a first-class product, whereas I strongly doubt that White Smoke was ever able to do so.  What I've seen of White Smoke tells me that even if it were free it would be overpriced.  :down:


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