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Memorial Day in US - a moment of thought for the foot soldiers in harms way


it's memorial day in the united states today (

this is not a political board an i do not want us to get into political arguments here; plenty of good sites for that.

regardless of politics, i hope we can all lend a moment of thought to the foot soldiers from all countries who may now as we speak be in a far off land, scared and in danger, doing only what they think is right.

well no matter how you look at it, 99% of the soldiers haven't done anything wrong. so praise & prayer to them. now as to the decisions that were made to put them there and keep them comment.

Whether or not they even think it's right, they're just doing their jobs, and have essentially no say in it.  I have a bunch of family in Iraq, or probably-soon-to-go, and it's been a tense time.  No prayers from me, but thoughts, definitely.

To quote Attaturk: "Peace be with those who die in our name, and also to those who want them not to be sacrificed in vain."


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