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Rumors of Adobe releasing CS2 for free? (true or NOT true)

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Carol Haynes:
Its all very strange - you would think Adobe would restrict downloads and serial numbers to people who already have registered copies of CS2 - just put the links in their account. They could even issue individualised replacement serial numbers.

They don't seem to be too bothered about anyone downloading and installing given they have published all this openly.

Presumably they take the view anyone still on CS2 is unlikley to pay for an upgrade - especially as CS6 can only be upgraded from CS3 onwards as far as I can tell. Making CS2 freely available may tempt some non-buyers into buying a package they try for free.

I think Carol has it correct. They're looking the other way because it isn't worth forcing the issue. And if it does become an issue they still have legal recourse if necessary.

When Microsoft was attempting to establish Office as the de facto productivity suite they overlooked a great deal of the casual piracy taking place. Once Office was established; and WordPerfect, Lotus, Harvard Graphics, Smart, and other rivals were safely out of the way, Microsoft started getting serious about their licensing by introducing a much more real activation program that included Genuine Advantage. As some competitors pointed out back then, how can you compete when Office is effectively free?

I think a little of that is also in Adobe's strategy.

[...] they've removed Acrobat Pro 8 and Photoshop Elements 5.0 from the list and added After Effects. There must be a reason...
-dr_andus (February 18, 2013, 08:16 AM)
--- End quote ---

Acrobat 8 was only there because they couldnt successfully get a version of 7 out there (7 was the version that came with CS2).

As of Jan.10, these were missing (i.e. for owners of same to reinstall)
    Production Studio Premium
    After Effects 7.0
    GoLive 9.0
    Creative Suite 2 for additional languages
    Acrobat 7 Professional-
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