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Rumors of Adobe releasing CS2 for free? (true or NOT true)

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Carol Haynes:
Note - initially I was also thinking upgrades but forgot that Adobe doesnt offer upgrades once the software is a couple of numbers back, so, as said by various people above, the subscription model is really what's on offer.
-tomos (January 08, 2013, 11:18 AM)
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Actually they do - I have CS3 and I can still buy an upgrade to CS6 if I really want to.

Much as I hate the idea of subscription software it sort of makes a lot of sense with Adobe if you use one of the big suites. If you buy even alternate versions it is still likely to work out cheaper subscribing. Persoanlly I think I will stick with CS3 until Windows 9 breaks it!

Stoic Joker:
Persoanlly I think I will stick with CS3 until Windows 9 breaks it!-Carol Haynes (January 08, 2013, 04:31 PM)
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+1 - Me too!

- I expected the guitar thing, with a Porsche, now it's a very expensive bass guitar, but the argument was in the air. Well, there's net profit in the price of such physical goods (in the European price of a Porsche, that would be 25,000 euro; perhaps it's less in the U.S.), but there's also lots of cost in order to produce them - now compare with sw where any additional copy only produces very low marginal cost.

- It's right that you can't compare Photoshop with Aids drugs for South Africa, hence the intervention of the authorities for the latter, whilst we won't get same for the former.

- I personally am only very mildly interested in Photoshop, but this is the piece in the package that the masses want (no pun intended), so I spoke mainly about that.

- We're not speaking of forcing Adobe to give it out, at a "social" price (hence no authority action needed or asked for), we just discuss the INTEREST of Adobe to do the best here, with the situation given, whatever might have lead to this new situation for them: And that's an update / upgrade scheme without questions asked for codes previous to the given ones here.

- Why do I say they it's in their interest, now? The situation is a fact, anybody wanting to use Photoshop CS2 is henceforward technically able to do so, with tweaking his modern comp or buying an older comp for this. So, many amateurs will do exactly this, and they will not upgrade to a subscription scheme but use their (probably illegal, but even that's not sure, see below) copy of Photoshop CS2 for long years. So many of them would not have bought the CS5 or a subscription anyway, but some of them would have; now, with their "free" CS2 version, they will NOT do: since, from CS2-free to CS5/subscription-very-expensive, it's a jump most amateurs will never make. Here, my point is: With the availability of "free" (if legal or not) CS2, Adobe BLOCKED a big part of its amateur market, for years, hence their interest to DE-BLOCK it by luring a max of these possible prospects of a future day but which are now blocked into their old-version use, into a new product, by correctly pricing this for them.

- Thus, a special update / upgrade for these special codes / CS2 is of high interest, since for many of those happy, "served" amateurs, it would not be a jump from old-and-free to new-and-very-expensive, but from free-but-old, to something brand-new and decently priced (for them). Here, many amateurs would make the jump indeed (depending on the upgrade price: I'd say Adobe should not take more than 40 p.c. of the full version's street price if they want to generate big sales here).

- It's not a valid argument imo that somebody else just program something similar, then sell it for 200 bucks instead of 800 / 1,000 bucks: We all know this will never occur, since nobody else can make up for the advance in expertise Adobe has got over the years. No, it's the other way round, we're speaking of a de-facto monopoly here, with the monopolist realizing his abusive price policy by way of his monopol power.

- As for tech support for amateurs, the tech support I, as a 3,000-or-more bucks customer (as said), has been abysmal (and thus very cost-effective for them), and then, it should be possible to couple the special upgrade scheme with a special tech support scheme where you would have to buy service vouchers, say 25 bucks apiece.

- And now my legal AND marketing core argument (no morals here). We all know there are special sites giving away illegal (activated) copies, or illegal codes (in order to activate copies): You download the sw here, you get your illegal code there, and you're done. I've never even visited such sites, and all my sw in any comp I have is legal / paid for (that's way quite some of them are quite old).

- But I never ever have seen such illegal downloads, such illegal codes ON THE SITE OF THE DEVELOPER HIMSELF, NEVER EVER IN 25 YEARS OF PC. Have you? Where? From whom? What sw house ever published themselves, their own illegal codes? Now you. Not by accident, not deliberately.

- And here, it's deliberate now. Whatever their possible accident might have been, one day later the "illegal" (= illegal for non-CS2 users with previously bought code) page was on again, together with the download links, together with the codes, and not even any question for "your Adobe ID" anymore.

- Whatever might have happen on January 7 and before, there's a NEW SITUATION from January 8 on: It's deliberate now, and that changes a lot.

- Here, we get, for the very first time in the history of the personal computer (incl. Mac), a developer who publishes himself the "illegal" codes, which means, he incites people to "steal" his sw - if really he wants it to qualify this way, and not by accident, but because he pretends this to be a "normal" way of sending codes to paying customers,

- when in fact this way of doing things

(instead of e.g. sending them by mail to paying customers upon request, or even in a mass sending, and afterwards, upon request, in cases paying customers had changed their mail address, so didn't get the code, etc.)


- as would be a home owner who does not only put the key of his front door prominently on the top of his letterbox (= the download links), but also put a sign there, on which he wrote the code of his safe (= the activation code).

- From this DELIBERATE way of doing things, I deduct that in many jurisdictions, and perhaps even in the U.S., they would LOSE their case if ever they brought an action against some NO-bona-fide downloader-activator.

- And they know this, and they do it this way all the same. So they do it on purpose, or because they've got delusional. They're smart people, so I opt for the former. You know what they invariably say on bits when they prolong a sale for the second day?


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Does any one know if this CS2 (from 2005) will install & run on a 64-bit Win 7?


oh, I've found the answer:

Note CS2 isn't compatible (at least officially) with Vista or later.-Carol Haynes (January 07, 2013, 12:45 PM)
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I'm still using Photoshop from CS3 on Win7 x64 so hopefully CS2 will still run ok.
-Stoic Joker (January 07, 2013, 01:45 PM)
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CS3 is fully Windows 7 compat - CS2 isn't
-Carol Haynes (January 07, 2013, 05:01 PM)
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^ I've seen a few comments though saying it worked fine

... I think on the slickdeals thread:
More info via ghacks update3 and slickdeals-
-cmpm (January 07, 2013, 12:18 PM)
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