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How To Tell A Story, vol. 2: notes with links


The messy volume 1 was told on

Now Geoff Davis is ready to tell volume 2 for Office 2013 / 365
I don't have either, but I thought I would inform you guys all the same.
His new application is to be subscribed to via Microsoft Store.
British link:
The price is less than $1½ / £1 per month.

Notes With Links
Word, Excel, Office integration
It's worth upgrading your Office to get this app
Notes With Links from Story Software for Word and Excel - STORE -


This unique app has separate panels of notes so many people can review and share the same Office document, in Word or Excel.

Never forget the context or meaning of a note, with active link references from the Office document to a new note, or an existing note. Link refs can even be overwritten from [1] to something meaningful!

Separate panels are a powerful way to work together and edit and review, or just use the panels for organizing your own notes and comments. Other benefits include copy all notes into the doc, so you can use them in Word Web App or share with people using older Office versions.

* Notes in context - active links between your doc and your notes
* Separate notes - use different panels for notes
* People can work together on same Office doc, using panels, or colors
* Shared comments and marking - multiple comments, reviews on same doc
* Works in Excel using cells
* Copy notes into the doc, for sharing with older versions Office or Online Office
* Overwrite the number link tags with your own text

Notes With Links is an essential app for all writers, of all types - creatives, journalists, copy writers, researchers, academics, editors. Notes With Links gives many panels for notes, and active links from the doc to the notes, so you never forget the context of a comment or idea.

Get it now, low subscription<<


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