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Smart Edit (for Novelists & Creative Writers)

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Having thought about it, I think we have just a few standard "formats", meaning, just a few very standardized ways of encoding any possible 2-dimensional sequence of color and brightness values, from which is no way out, by way of screenshots or something, since the moment you save your screenshot or any "processed" photo, it will again be re-encoded the very same way, producing very similar results, by way of the encoding algorithm to be followed without any "fuzzy" deviations. You change colors: stays similar. You change brightness values: stays similar. It's only when you change forms that you'll get a really different, new encoding, but then your photo will not remain similar. And as for details, similar, they're just sub-part of the code. Which means the internal encoding of bitmaps (photos are (perhaps a special form of) bitmaps, I suppose) is much more similar to the internal encoding of vector graphics than I'd ever thought. And from that on, photo search becomes "easy": No ai needed to look upon the photo from the outside, they recognize it from the inside, so to speak, by its particular (and astonishingly little variable) coding structure and the sub-parts hereof.

accessory: Smart Edit ("Editing Software for Novelists & Creative Writers") - for any editor.-Curt (January 06, 2013, 07:21 PM)
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-such an editor could be Tree Notes 3, coming on sale tomorrow at Bits du Jour for $10 instead of the normal $45: (homepage:
Notize: "Tree Notes 3", not "TreeDBNotes".

In an article in the current issue of The New Yorker magazine, John McPhee says that the only writing environment he has used since beginning to use a computer in 1984 has been the Kedit text editor.

Kedit has been my favorite editor for even longer than that, and Kevin Kearney is indeed, as McPhee describes in the article, a delight to talk with, but I will admit that Kedit is not what I would choose for writing. But then, I can't write like John McPhee.

xtabber, very interesting mention, so I started a new thread.

I am very fond of the humble PageFour ("Software for Novelists and Creative Writers"). Now the same company, (Bad Wolf Software, Manchester, U.K.), has launched a stand-alone piece of accessory: Smart Edit ("Editing Software for Novelists & Creative Writers") - for any editor.

However, the price is $70, so I haven't yet tested it...
-Curt (January 06, 2013, 07:21 PM)
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-but today only (Wednesday 27 November 2013) the price is a mere $19  :Thmbsup:

We’ve improved SmartEdit a lot over the past 11 months, and now we want to spread the word as far and as wide as we can. With more and more writers deciding to self-publish, and many of those writers choosing to skimp and save when it comes to editing, software like SmartEdit is becoming more and more important.

But editing software might not be for you. Each writer writes in a different way, and what helps one may not help another. If you find SmartEdit useful, or if you think your fellow writers might find it useful, we’d love it if you would tell others about it.-Bad Wolf
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SmartEdit is a first-pass editing tool that helps you to edit your work by highlighting up to 20 areas that may need improvement. With SmartEdit, you’ll be able to detect whether you’ve overused a word or phrase, gone too far with adverbs, or mistakenly used a common misspelling. What’s more, SmartEdit is also smart enough to examine sentence structures for length, possibly incorrect punctuation, or inconsistent use of quotation marks.

Now mind you, SmartEdit is not going to make your work better from a content perspective. That’s entirely up to you! But what SmartEdit can do is to make you more critical of your work from a technical viewpoint, giving you the ability to make the entire document stronger, more professional, and ready for review by a real-world editor! -What is it?
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