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SOLVED: Progress Bars re-visited.


I'm currently running a partition recovery program which may take days to complete. It has the typical graphical progress bar. It's difficult to see if there is any progression along the bar over several hours. I'm running three iterations of a portable program called "On-screen Ruler" and have placed one ruler below the progress bar, another vertically at the midway point and another vertically at the current progress point. This is at least helping see some progress is taking place.

I was wondering if there is a better way of measuring the progression of the progress bars and found "IDEA: Text-less progress bar calculator". I'm not sure about installing anything like that, at least while I'm doing the partition recovery, so was wondering if anyone knows of an on-screen ruler that has three moveable pieces like I have been able to do with "On-screen Ruler".
I think this would be more practical then my current solution.

If no such 3 piece ruler (2 vertical & 1 horizontal with all rulers moveable) exists, then perhaps someone here would like to produce one.

I know the progress bar is only a rough indication but like I said above, I feel that in cases where the operation may take days, then visual indication of progression along the bar would help.


PixelWindow might help here. Free, quite simple and useful.


Thanks for pointing me to PixelWindow. It's the ideal solution.

Many thanks. :)

Another free option is "A Ruler For Windows." It has a nice ability to place marks on the ruler (e.g. thirds, halfway, golden ratio, free). It will remember its last size and position, so if you need to repeat measurements, you can set it and forget it.


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