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Done: A program to make grids


Here is a program to make grids of various sizes. It is a "work in progress", so I'm still adding thins to the program.

You can change the size of the grid in pixels as well as in mm. The lines can be solid or dashed. You can change the colours of the lines and the background by either RIGHT or LEFT mouse clicking.

May come in useful for someone, who knows?



How do you export the grid? It would be useful if grid parameter like size, column and row could be specified.

The program is a work in progress. At present press PrintScreen and paste to Paint. I will add save as graphic and export to MsWord features in the next Version. This is a program I started making in the New Year break, and I was eager the put it up for people to try out.

I'm actually thinking of having a floating toolbar which can be dragged to the edges as well as adding transparency and possibly textures.

I have another version that I made that does different row and column heights, so I may add another version to this thread.

Thanks Attronarch  for giving me some feedback :)


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