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Is there a decent youtube downloader?

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Remember Laura Nyro.

Look at

Or you can look for YousableTubeFix which is an extension for Firefox, Opera, or Chrome which will add a download button below every YouTube video.

Remember Laura Nyro.

What is wrong with 'YouTube HD downloader"? It's free and portable. Fill in the YouTube URL and it will look up the highest quality version associated with that URL for downloading, if you want.

To my knowledge, it comes without any of the usual "nasties" as described in the OP.


NetVideoHunter works for me.
Play it on the web for a second or 2 and it will catch the link for downloading the full video.
It will continue logging viewed videos and present a full list per session.
Check the ones you want to download. Preview of video available-click Play.
A firefox plug-in.
See screenshots.


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