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The capture bar and `simplicity'


I must just be catching on to the idea that SC was originally designed to do complex things in relatively easy ways? Also designed for people that do a lot of screen capturing, for one reason or another, not many of us to just have need of it rarely?

I used to say of Unix, with its command lines, and pipes, and redirects - - that it makes it easy to do hard things, but therefore hard to do easy things -- for example the infamous Unix `find' command. This may be a good analogy: SC much like the unix find command. One analogy to learning lots of commands, and command arguments is memorizing lots of hotkeys for lots of different things. Once memorized, the `things' are quick and easy.

This third mode or need, where a capture bar is relevant, might be for those like myself that seldom need to take lots of shots or do complex things with them. The one complex things I find useful for my `simple' needs is a scrolling screen capture that works well for most scrolling screens.


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