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winwarden2 help


Hi, hoping this is the correct section to post in. I am using winwarden to control what shows on 2 LCD screens connected to a Windows 7 PC. We use it to display 2 "boards" that are custom, real-time stats for 2 groups within our company.

We used to run the setup on WinXP but had to update the machine it ran on and now the OS is Win 7 Enterprise edition. After a day + of struggle and trial and error, I am able to automatically log into the box and automatically open and position 2 IE browser windows on 2 distinct LCDs, call them LCD1 and LCD2

the issue I am facing is as follows..

when we turn off one of the monitors (e.g when we go home for the day), for some reason, the page displayed on that monitor (LCD1) will move to the other one (LCD2). When we turn it back on, the page will move back to the correct LCD (LCD1) but the content that WAS on LCD2 is gone and all I see is a Win7 Desktop.

The only way to get it back is to reboot the machine (or log into it and physically move the windows to the right locations..ugh!)

Any ideas why this happens? I tried to read the docs on the diff modes in the WinWarden.ini but they are kinda confusing.

I am using this to make the windows load on the proper LCDs and this works fine...


Do I need to add anything else to account for when the LCD1 (TeamL2Screen) is powered off?


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