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IDEA : program which waits will specified programs complete


This is my requirement...
I am running many instances of xxcopy.exe in multiple command line windows.
I need to shutdown the PC after all the xxcopy.exe process completes.
I need a program which waits till all xxcopy.exe instances are completed

example :- i could write a batch file which has below contents
myprog.exe xxcopy.exe
shutdown -s
The program should wait and then execute the shutdown.

or if i have xxcopy.exe, java.exe, oracle.exe processing running, and I need to send an email after all three have completed...
myprog.exe xxcopy.exe java.exe oracle.exe
sendmail -to [email protected] -subject "complete"

Is such a program possible?

Try this:

WTPF.exe [prog1.exe] [prog2.exe] ........

If there's multiple processes with the same name, you only need to specify it once.

--- Code: AutoIt ---#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****#AutoIt3Wrapper_UseUpx=n#AutoIt3Wrapper_Change2CUI=y#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****;WaitTillProcessFinish (WTPF) $process = FalseIf $CmdLine[0] = 0 Then Exit Do        For $i = 1 To $CmdLine[0]                $list = ProcessList($CmdLine[$i])                If $list[0][0] > 0 Then                        $process = True                        ExitLoop                Else                        $process = False                EndIf        Next        Send("^")        Sleep(5000)Until $process = False

hi 4wd,
This is what I wanted.
Thanks a lot.  Much appreciated.


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