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XYplorer ends Lifetime License

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This is an issue that I've been thinking about for more than a few years. I've been planning to post a blog post about it, so I'll hold off on comment until then. I've been planning this blog post for a few years...

As long as they actually abide by their grandfather clause I don't see any problems with that.

Lifetime licensing (other than as a reward for early adopters) isn't a sustainable business model.

And most consumers (so far) don't like subscription arrangements when it comes to software.

So the only way to get cash flow is by selling upgrades which (hopefully) offer additional capabilities and value.

I personally think these folks did the right thing, put their cards on the table, and changed their model before it reached crisis level. Hopefully it will work out for them. Lets wish then well. They make a fine product.


By the way, version 11.90 free today on Giveaway of the Day.

I'm glad I got XYplorer before the lifetime deal changed.

Great program!

It was one of my favorite Windows programs of all time. But that seems a lifetime and another OS ago!  :P


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