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XYplorer ends Lifetime License

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With apologies if this has been mentioned before:

XYplorer: The End of the Lifetime License

It looks like this will happen in January 2013, so you have a few days left to run and get it.

XYplorer Buy Now (or forever regret it)

If someone asks me I would say something not sustainable now wasn't sustainable 12 years ago either. Not my place to question it just saying not a fan of these kind of these decisions. No offense meant to anybody :)

Markets change, and needs change.  The market is considerably different than it was 12 years ago, and the pool of potential buyers is different also.  That's just basic economics, I think.

That angle would be plausible if/when you are making a pricing change, if you want to say there is not as big a market for lifetime licenses.

Not saying that there's not as big a market, but if your revenues start depending on upgrades, then lifetime licenses wouldn't be sustainable.  that's my point...


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