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Acronis Backup

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I should have mentioned that I use the paid version of Macrium Reflect.
Deals on that seem to crop up a couple of times a year.

For sync I still prefer rsync (and products built on top of it such as DeltaCopy) over all others. The ability to sync to a remote location (including via SSH) makes rsync worth its weight in gold to me.-40hz (December 24, 2012, 11:09 AM)
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The DeltaCopy UI screenshots makes my eyes bleed :P - their Syncrify program sounds potentially useful though.

.... and I've pared down installed programs to next to nothing.
-Darwin (December 23, 2012, 10:23 AM)
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 :huh:  Really? A software addict like you?! Wow!   ;)


Yes, good point x16wda. I've recently given up on using Genie Timeline and Oops! Recovery Backup as well (wasn't using them at the same time!). They both worked but were, to varying degrees, detrimental to the performance of my computer. I use Syncovery (used to be Super Flexible File) to backup my data, important program settings, and files. Works like a charm  :Thmbsup:
-Darwin (December 23, 2012, 11:08 AM)
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I am still using SFFS. I never got wind of Syncovery. Check for Updates still brings me to the SuperFlexible web site. Weird - I've been using SFFS for years and at one time corresponded fairly often with Tobias. I read about the change to Syncovery somewhere quite by accident; at first I didn't realize that it was the new incarnation of SFFS!

Is there much difference between SFFS and Syncovery? Better? Worse? About the same?



Looks and 'feels' exactly the same to me!



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