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NANY 2013 Release Find Long Names

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Thanks again for your contribution to the community, limelect!

And thanks for the pointer to TLPD, MrJohnGaltshrugs!  Works well.


Who knows...

The day will come that once you start typing the filename, the OS starts counting total pathlength immediately: the characters will switch to orange once you are close to the max. path lengths and you still have NN characters to go, the characters switch to red, indicating that the total path length is too long and you should shorten it... (instead of only being able to determine it later)     :)

Well it a nice idea but in my case ,i open a new directory within a directory
which is already long and then i unzip what ever.
Then if the file inside the zip file are long names , add the two,
long directory + long file name and you have a problem !!!!

Had use for this today but it seemed to stop scanning way early before it explored all subdirectories.  No errors, just never scanned very many directories.

It also didnt seem to work when when unchecking the "fix total" and asking it to find long names.

This is my first time using it so it's possible i'm doing something wrong, though i can't see what that would be.


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