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NANY 2013 Release Find Long Names

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I tried out Path Scanner, but it merely crashed.
-nekoz (January 13, 2013, 07:25 AM)
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It works for me (version with win7 64bits and WinXP.
I checked and it counts the total path (spaces included).
Example: this is counted as 189 caracters (It is correct when I use the tools/statistics in word).
C:\Users\Ex2\Documonts\NEWS125\5 uo\06\tableau-tests-tcs-de-sic3a8ges-ppqurs-2004-2012.pdf (application_pdf Object)_201301e6_202509_files\tableau-tests-tcs-de-sic3a8ges-ppqurs-2004-2012.pdf

Maybe once installed try to change the property settings ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Path Scanner\pathscan.exe ) to "Run as Administrator" ?

nekoz hi

I only returned yesterday from skiing and i just saw your comment.

As for the program the 3 sizes are there NOT only as TOTAL but also as
requirement . which means that if ONE of the sizes is not checked (for example extension)
the program WILL NOT CHECK IT for size and will disregard it size !!!
in order to have real total one need to have ALL 3 parameters with in reason.
What are the numbers? I really , as i said before, do not have a good source of
information for it not even from Microsoft.
I hope what i intended to program came out right (no bugs?) .
So my flow chart is that all 3 sizes are required for the file to be counted
or else (as of the check boxes).

On second thought just a total will do? I do not think so !!

IF the goal is to catch filenames that are oversized and cause  uncopyable, unmoveable and unrenameable files, THEN what the user needs is just to be able to search for files whose "TOTAL" is greater than 255.

Because the tool lacks such a feature, it is not very useful as a program for finding the oversized filenames.  If the tool had that feature, it would be very useful towards that goal.  Maybe it's useful for some other goal.  But for finding only and all the oversized filenames, we need to be able to search by the combined filename+path length of each file, which in the language of your tool is the "total."


What you say ,which i accept, is to ADD to the program a check for just the total.
I will modify accordingly.
thanks for your comment

 As per advice i updated to version 2 which include FIX file length
as opposed to variable file length


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