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Another project timer

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Joe Hone:
Thanks for the recommendation, I installed the downloadable client and gave it a try. It seems worthy, is a bit complicated for my use, but not what I need - the invoice feature would be surplusage, and I need txt files or files easily converted to txt for copying and pasting.

I came across this the other day.  Perhaps it might work for your needs:

Joe Hone:
Thanks for the mention but it's buggy! It showed exactly 50 seconds elapsed when the actual time was 30 seconds by my clock. It also doesn't have a txt function. It is close to what I'm looking for, and probably worth an extended test if the clock was accurate - I'd have to see how the data is stored for archiving, etc. The closest one for me is Kapow Punch Clock, but it doesn't have a stop/resume function and the text file is restricted to the developer's invoice template, but I'm using it for now as the closest option. Still looking. . .

Thanks for the mention but it's buggy!-Joe Hone (January 15, 2013, 05:28 PM)
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Ah, too bad.  I didn't actually download and test it.   :(

Paul Keith:
This does not fulfill the needs but template wise for those wondering how an interface can be both advanced and simple:


Please notice that the reviews also say this is clunky but I found this to be the simplest for me. The idea here being the more important part is not the template but the buttons and the text insertion more so than the software.

For example, there are many remote control tablet applications now that allow you to work on your desktop by controlling some part of a cursor and then becoming more advanced from there. What would happen if a user was adding a task from that interface?

So far as timers with exports, I haven't used these but:

Feature list says can export to Excel:

I've grown fond of Hamster, and used it for tracking how long I worked on a Summer of Code project. What's most useful is to add it to your panel (right-click; Add to Panel; double-click on time Tracker). When you want to start/stop/change tasks, just hit Super+H and type what you are doing.

It makes some pretty nice statistics for you, too, and you can export them as HTML to send to others. You can categorize parts of a job into groups to keep track of what exactly you're doing at the time.

Each task is labeled as [task]@[job]. For example, you could have [email protected], [email protected], etc. Hamster will do some auto-completion on these as well so most of the time you only need to type a few characters. Tags can be added to tasks as well for further categorization.
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