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Hi Everyone / Random MixTape Maker ideas

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Ok I'm feeling stupid - I must be missing something obvious, but I just don't see it. I have no search area ????? (see pic)

not sure what you mean by search area, but all you have to do is choose a dir or master dir (as you did here 'E:\') to search for audio files, then just click the 'create playlist' button

if there's some other issue, please let me know

Did you look at the pic?  I can't search if I don't have a place to search - I clicked on create playlist, but all that was going to do was put every song in that folder in the playlist.  Here is another close up pic. I have the Select a directory to search option but I just don't have an option there to type in what I want to search FOR within that directory- ??   Sorry I know it's probably something dumb on my part - but I'm confused how to get the search options to show up

you have to set your options in order to filter what you want (and don't want) in the list.

Well apparently your pic on the main page is a earlier version and you have all your options right there in the opening window. In this version I just downloaded it is not like that. I have to click on the Options Tab ( which you don't even have in your pictured version) then I have to click on the keywords tab within the Options tab and search from there - not nearly as convenient seems to me as the version you have pictured. Could I get your version? lol  Anyway, maybe you should change the pic of your program so other dumb people like myself won't get confused :)


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