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N.A.N.Y. 2013- PDF Batch Saver

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Beta 2 - Final Release

This copy has been cleaned up with a single processing method, a small bit of help text, and some bug fixes. It is recommended that you check your starting folder not to have PDFs left over from prior runs because otherwise the numbering method could disturb related tracking documents you might have such as an itemized spreadsheet.

(Edit1: "Maximum attachment size allowed: 8000 KB". So it will have to go on my external page.)

How about some screenshots?

How about some screenshots?
-mouser (December 30, 2012, 09:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

Sure, lemme use ScreenShot Captor (TM)!  8)

The shots are different sizes because you have limited ability to change the app window size.

Here is the basic app before it starts:

Here it is running:

Here is a shot of the output files. Crucial is the function to automatically handle duplicates in the list, because the entire concept came about when doing ordinary saving, having to constantly answer "do you want to replace the existing duplicate". However the numbering method does update the number sequence so that if you have an itemized list, #8 is still #8, even if it's in fact the same page as #2.

It is intended to be "Run and Forget". I haven't powertested it for colossal data sets, it's prob. not industrial-enterprise grade, but a big test set I had was 215 items. I am a real fan of Trandesk from here, and it runs in the background under Trandesk, and it doesn't use a browser instance like I first envisioned, so I think you can often "park it" to run a batch and then come back to it later. It was crucial for it not to halt mid way and ask about what to do with something, so there are a couple small quirks left over with that.

I'm out of funding but I do have the source code if for some ______ reason someone wants to fiddle with it to make it a joint-NANYesque thing, he/she/it can reply here and we can go to town.  :)  I think it's in Python.


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