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I cannot get main window of Screenshot Capture to open.

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The  only access  I have  to the program is  the little blue screen down in my tool bar.  I cannot open the main screen.  I can capture and  save on teh small page that comes up after  a  capture but I need  more  information. Im trying to find out  where  things  are saved  and  also  if I  can save  a  capture in PNG  format for a particular project.

Please  help me  open the main screen somehow.

Thanks  from mexico.

Hi linzz, welcome to the site  :up:

A question -- did the main screen ever open correctly for you?  Are you using it on a computer that used to have an additional monitor connected (i'm trying to think if maybe the window is showing off screen)?

What if you exit Screenshot Captor and then restart it?

Hi Mouser, Thanks  for your prompt response.

I remember one time using Screenshot and for some reason when I ether  saved a shot or when I clicked an instruction ( I cannot remember  exactly what it was) the screen disappeared and  i have never been able  to get it back.  I did have a  second monitor hooked  up while working on a Logo Maker program from Laughing bird software.  BUT Im almost certain that I never  used screen shot  creator that particular day.  But it may have been open in the tool bar icon.  Fortunately I have access to that particular monitor at my friends house  and  Ill go and  take  a look if  you think that might work.  Good thinking captain.  Ill let you know.

No need to reconnect second monitor.
Tthe easiest thing to try is this:

Exit screenshot captor.

Find the ScreenshotCaptor.ini file and delete it.

This file will be in you users\Documents\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor directory on windows vista\7\8
Or in the Screenshot Captor programs files directory if on xp or portable use.


It seems  to have worked. How  cool is that?

I appreciate it very much thanks.

Merry Xmas  to you and  family from Mexico.

I make mobile websites.

I would be happy to make one  for you or  a friend  if  required. No charge of  course.



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