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DC Community Digital White Elephant - Rules and Sign-up

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I meant to start this a bit earlier, but we still have time to make merry in the holiday season. :)

1. Each person must contribute a gift.
2. The gift must be one that can be distributed digitally.
3. The target range for the gift is $10, though it can be more if you wish.
4. All participants must be members, or participants that have a record with DC (long-term participant or poster)

Sign up by posting intent in this thread and PMing me a description of your gift (I will only be the host of the event)

Sign ups will be closed next Friday, and the game will commence with the following rules.
1. Order will be determined randomly, and posted.
2. There is a maximum of one day for a move.
3. On your turn, you can choose to either (a) choose a gift from the pile, or (b) take an already opened gift.
4. If you choose a gift from the pile, it is chosen randomly, and revealed to all.
5. If you choose to take a gift from a person, that person immediately gets to choose to take an already opened gift (not the one just taken), or take a gift from the pile.
6. Each gift can only change hands twice.

After one time around, if the first person has never had his or her gift taken, they may choose to trade their gift for someone else's.

At the end, the gift codes will be exchanged via PM.  There will also be a drawing for prize giveaways at the end of the game for all participants.

The purpose of the game is more for entertainment than anything else, and to foster community among DC members. :)

Any questions?  If so, let me know... otherwise, let the game commence!

I'm in - PM sent.

I'm in.

I'm in. PM sent. :Thmbsup:

I'm in. Sending PM in a min.


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