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Google Reader - Mini-Review

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Why would anyone want to use Gmail?

What Google may not realize is that by shutting down GR they are causing a loss of consumer confidence in their other products as well (at least among those that use GR like myself). I started using GR because I was already using many of Google's other services such as GMail and Documents so GR was just an extension of that. Because I was using so many of G-Products I developed a lot of brand loyalty. I think that now I will be much more open to considering alternatives to their other products as well. I definitely consider this move to be the beginning of the end of my use of Google services.

:tuxman - talk about obvious.

 flamebait anyone? :-))

Why would anyone want to use Gmail?
-Tuxman (March 14, 2013, 12:53 PM)
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:tuxman - talk about obvious.
 flamebait anyone? :-))
-Gwen7 (March 14, 2013, 01:30 PM)
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OK, I'm game. Why would they?
I have never seen or compiled a list of the functional needs of Gmail users - neither mine nor anyone else's.
If we were to try to formulate a serious response to @tuxman's apparently rhetorical and provocative tongue-in-cheek question, then this could become a useful email requirements-gathering question.

Mostly a preference issue for me (as for everyone?)

* One Gmail feature I really like is keeping unread on top no matter how old it is.
* Other web options are not adequate, for example Yahoo mail doesn't even load the inbox (tab) properly the (increasingly) occasional times I use it.
* My ISP provided email? I don't want to use it long term at the risk of changing ISPs and dealing with its spam flood requires extra software or is impossible
The only viable alternative is perhaps my own domain.

I guess we can split this into its own thread?


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