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Browse for porn at your own risk if you use Google starting 12-12-12

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Paul Keith:
Sheesh, what the heck is happening??-superboyac (December 13, 2012, 04:26 PM)
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-f0dder (December 13, 2012, 04:27 PM)
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I gotta say, something has happened the last 2-4 years.  i don't know what, but it's all tied to this.  Feels like the golden age of information is ending and we're about to enter some kind backwards mode with all this for a while until everyone stops freaking out and starts thinking clearly.
-superboyac (December 13, 2012, 04:51 PM)
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The internet happened. That money went into the Internet. Then Facebook happened so now it's easier to mobilize legislations what with communication being soft centralized towards walled gardens and Google being a top search engine only needing a couple of links to target for first page results of certain key terms.

Money destroys people connectors.

Still there never was a golden age of information. Pre-Internet, human hysteria killed the Constitution. (The first major social worldview doctrine that allowed an authoritarian text to be potentially wrong thanks to it's Amendment feature which gave a short breathing space of room where society can be followed and benefitted by wrong people who used that wrong to better the world rather than the opposite view of regulators being supreme guardsmen among corporations/villains/etc.) World War era changed information into propaganda. Cold War era changed information into nightmares. Post-Vietnam War era changed information into sensationalist halves. Internet era brought the backwards mode of the Wild Wild West then the backwards mode went forward and then information regulators caught up and then money came back in along with politics. (not the government or corp kind but group politics)

It's the backwards mode that allowed information to flourish because information regulators are not prepared. The golden age occurs when the people who "adapted" to the backwards mode "as a free market" evolved their own regulations which leads to peaks that create the illusion of golden ages which then lead to enthusiasm which is the reason behind people shelling out money for the race for a new peak and a successful bubble creates golden ages until money corrodes the golden age and the cycle of information continues back to worse than the golden era level lies, falsehoods, propaganda, sensationalism, horror, urban legend and then people over time dress up these things in pretty clothes like newspapers, fictional TV, fictional genre with analogy/inspiration to real life, political reforms leading to an invisible or inevitable inside corrotion willingly accepted by the confused or lied to population until new technology opens up a new backwards mode of space for information or a dark age resets everything and the cycle gives everyone if not most everyone amnesia until the victims revolt and a new victor of history retells and makes everyone forget the old cycle in favor of the new "old" cycle and things like silver age, millenium age, internet age becomes some new fandangled age with it's own fandangled version of revolution, information reporting, social trends until the cycle reaches an extreme state leading information to flow back to a backwards mode that frees it from the chains of it's human regulators.

what's that about? - you mean they offer you stuff and then blackmail (whatever) - or is it for people downloading (without paying) stuff that should be paid for?
-tomos (December 13, 2012, 09:39 AM)
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I was referring to them going after downloaders who frequent file "sharing" sites.

In this case: [high numbers of searches for adult material on Google] + [high P2P activity on IP address] = [presumption of illegally downloading copyrighted adult materials]

Since most porn addicts tend to have low self-esteem (and would prefer not to have their hobby made public) a simple letter from an attorney threatening legal action and offering cash settlement terms can be quite effective. Especially since many people are also incredibly afraid of lawyers.

More interesting news:

Seems to be that the US is preparing (or in the middle) of a digital information war with China/Iran.  All this shutting down and restrictions here in the US and the UK seems to be a reaction to that.    Ugh.


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