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NANY 2013 Release: sImgurUploader

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I ran in to the same problem as Tomos...
Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this?

I want to use this program to send screenshots from ScreenshotCaptor.

I am not sure what settings I need for the anonymous API (I wish it would use my account though).

Application Name:  sImgurUploader
Authorization Type:  Anonymous usage without user authourization
Authorization callback URL:   ??????  What do I put here?

Sorry - I didn't see the tail of this thread where folks asked this question already....

Skwire, there are a lot of settings there for imgur - is it still necessary to use anonymous mode?

Hi, BGM, and sorry for the trouble.  Yes, I'm aware that Imgur have really changed up things and getting an anonymous key isn't how it used to be.  Researching this is on my list but there are quite a few things ahead of it.

Jody - no problem.  Hey - I just looked at your ICQ profile (just make sure I remembered correctly that your name was Jody) - you are exactly 4 days older than me - same month; same year! 

No worries for imgur - and beggars like me can't be demanders.  Thanks for the reply.

Hi Skwire and All,

It looks like Imgur is moving toward another version change in their API...  I got the following email: 
Hi Imgur API user!
It looks like you’re using version 1 or 2 of the Imgur API. We’re reaching out now to let you know that, starting on March 28, 2016, these versions will no longer be supported.
We encourage you to migrate your application to Imgur API version 3 before this date. If you need some assistance with that, feel free to check out for documentation. If your application uses authorization, you will also need to upgrade to oauth 2.0.
If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help at [email protected].
The Imgur API team

Is there any chance this new one will be sImgurUploader-friendly?  I guess what I'm asking is whether sImgurUploader can be made to work with it...  I already got my new creds and tried them, but they don't work. 

I ran into the same problem as mentioned above, Imgur REQUIRES as callback address.  I just used my own Imgur main page, because I didn't know what else to use. 

EDIT:  I checked out your (Skwire's) profile to see if you were still active....  That's an impressive lineup of badges!   :up:


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