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NANY 2013 Release: sImgurUploader

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NANY 2013 Entry Information
Application Name sImgurUploader Supported OSes Windows XP and later Web Page Website Download Link Download Author Jody Holmes (Skwire Empire)
Simple commandline application that uploads a single image to Imgur and automatically puts the URL on the clipboard.  This application was designed as a Screenshot Captor tool and, to that end, includes a .sctool file for easy integration within Screenshot Captor.  However, that's not a requirement and this application can easily be integrated into your own scripts and such.

You must have your own Imgur Anonymous API key for this application to work.  On its first run, sImgurUploader will ask you to enter your API key.  Without one, the application will exit.  If you do not have an Imgur Anonymous API key, you can get one here:

NANY 2013 Release: sImgurUploader

If you intend on using this as a Screenshot Captor tool, download the zip file and extract its contents into your Screenshot Captor\Tools folder.   Run the sImgurUploader.exe file manually and it will ask for your API key.  You then need to restart Screenshot Captor or go to Tools > Configure External Tools and then just close the Config dialog.  If you intend to use this application stand-alone, extract the contents to whatever folder you'd like and invoke the application from there.

Using the Application
Assuming you have it installed properly, within Screenshot Captor, simply use the Tools menu.  Otherwise the usage is simple:
c:\path\to\sImgurUploader.exe "<path to image file>"
Alternately, you can drop an image file onto the executable.  You can reference the sImgurUploader.log file for deletion links, etc.

Delete the folder you installed it to.  For Windows XP, the sImgurUploader.ini and sImgurUploader.log file are saved in the install folder.  For Windows Vista and later, those files are saved in your %APPDATA%\Skwire Empire\sImgurUploader folder.  The application doesn't write any of its settings to the registry.


Note: You can also optionally tell Screenshot Captor to use it as your default image uploader, by providing the path to the tool here:

As always, first-rate! I love it when one software developer creates a tool that is useful both in its own right, and can extend other software's utility. Synergy.

It works great, using it in tools for SC.
Can this tool upload to an Imgur account, or just anonymous only?


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