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N.A.N.Y 2013 Submission - BookCrop

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Hi akinomento,

For BookCrop to work you also need to install GraphicsMagick (using the installer, install it to whatever folder you want) and to download and place Jpegtran.exe (no installation needed) in the same folder as BookCrop. See under "installation" in the original post above for links or click the "?" in the lower corner inside BookCrop and you'll find the links there too.

There is no quality loss. Jpegtran does lossless jpg cropping.

Sorry, I thought it was only the bookcrop.exe (my bad)
Lossless, wow, I would have to read more into jpegtran... My understanding was that once you modify a jpeg, you were loosing quality
All working perfect, except the side panel (the one with the threshold). It always stays on top, like 'pinned'
Also it would be perfect if you could 'readjust' the rectangle after drawing it

Thanks again  :Thmbsup:

I'm glad you have use for it!  :)

You can uncheck "show on startup" in side panel settings. Once the side panel is open you can close it by clicking the "?" again or pressing "esc" or "tab".

Readjusting as in drag and drop of a drawn rectangle doesn't work. But you can simply draw a new rectangle and the old one is replaced.

Yes, I will have a use for it.  :Thmbsup:
I'm planning on cropping the jpgs before feeding them to Scan Tailor. I will crop them to get rid of headers and footers and the opposite page.

I don't have a DIY hackerspace scanner (I only use one camera and a crappy cardboard 'thingy')
But for those with one, I think they will have to draw bigger rectangles (in height), because the 'text zone' is going to be moving down as they advance in the scanning process till getting to the middle of the book (the thicker the book, the more the text is going to move)

If the book tray of the scanner is constructed to automatically adjust sideways (drawer slides/ball bearings) then that won't be a big problem I think.


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