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SOLVED: Automatically create a site link list

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BTW, it was April (app103) who suggested dirhtml, not me.   :Thmbsup:

I am not sure which of all the nice people ( I think it was  app103)  provided this but I really appreciate it.  I do have one small problem with the output and i know it is totally due to the way I am using it.  I was hoping maybe the person who uses it could leave mea message.

Basically, I need the outut to provide live hyperlnks to open webpages on a server where we host aas many as 4o different entry points to a single domain.  Each entry point has its own index.html file inside a folder.  The directory strycture is consistent throughout, every site has exactly the same structure to get to the index.html.  
But when I ran the program, it ended up creating links that take me into the text of the folder rathe than opening the site with index.html.  I feel sure this is a "User error " ;).  on MY part.  Any advice appreiated.  Maybe i should be at a different level when i run it?
Under the main webroot which has an index.html just for looks.  there are 20 subfolders.  Each subfolder may have 3 to 6 folders in it.  Those folders are each sites with their own index.html.  

Thanks Much

I can't visualize what the problem is. Being a very visual person, I think I'd need some sort of image that would explain your directory structure, what you want included, what you don't want included, an indicator of what it is/isn't being included that you want changed, and screenshots of your dirhtml configuration. Then I'll be able to tell you what settings to change to get the output that you want.


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