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SOLVED: Automatically create a site link list

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Paul Keith:
It's not a good solution but Scrapbook does have capture multiple pages:

I used to use dirhtml on Windows for the same purpose and run it on a schedule to regenerate the pages, daily. (this was back in the days when I ran a webserver from my home pc)

While the standard output templates included were kind of look ugly and crude, with a bit of effort, you can rewrite the template it will insert the listings into, styling it with CSS, and use it to build quite an attractive directory.

What I ended up doing was letting the application generate a main menu.php from the folders and then generate pages with item listings within each folder., then assembled it all from the main page with a bunch of php includes written into the main template.

Since I was running it multiple times, with different configurations to generate each part, I ran the whole thing with a batch file to do the full regeneration. Might not still need to do something like that, as I was using a much older version and it may have been improved in more recent versions to not need to use a batch file.

questorfla, were you able to try out dirhtml and, if so, did it meet your needs?

 :Thmbsup:  YES!!

and Thanks to everyone.  I have to give HTML at least 3 thumbs up!  More if I had them  Thank You Skwire

Cool, thanks for the report back.  I'll mark this thread as solved.


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