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SOLVED: Automatically create a site link list

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This is probably too easy for most of you but I just can't seem to put the parts together right.

I need a simple script or batch file that will create a list of WEBSITE hyperlinks from the subfolders in a main directory.  The main directory is the main website but each person in the class has their own projects that can each be entered directly by going straight to their own index.php file

Example  Main directory would be
First level Subdirectories would be names  like "john", mary", "bill"  etc
Third level Subdirectories would be their sites.  The names could be anything.
maybe first_try, second_try, third_try

The end result would be a word document full of working weblinks:
then, then

Then on to the next person in the 2nd level and each of their projects and so on.

This is for a setup where the people (second subdir level) as well as each one's projects (third level subdir)
will change and each time it does I have to retype the whole list.  I used to have a program that did this to some extent but dont remember the name.  My efforts at doing it using variables in a batch file are not coming along too well and this month it would almost be faster to type them one at a time.
Currently that would total about 150 weblinks :(  SO..  I was hoping someone better than me might have a solution :)

For coders reading this, can i suggest that something like with some additional features would make a good app for the NANY 2013 event?

I think one important thing to clarify is whether you are wanting a solution that runs on a windows-only platform, or something that runs in a language more suitable to running it on a web server (perl, python, php, etc.)

Sorry, didn't think about that.  Windows 7 is the OS.  The batch I am trying seaches for the file index.php and if it exists creates a listing to it.  So I should be getting "".
I think i am not starting from the right point.  The main "" is already several levels down from c: so the file either has to be run from a command prompt or i have to give it the correct place to start in the GUI icon.
I don't do this enough to remember from one time to the next :(

Right, so basically what you are looking for is a windows tool that will generate a nice index page with site links, based on the idea that some directory is going to be uploaded to a website.

So the tool will at a minimum need to ask which directory to scan, what files to create links for, and what the web url will be where that directory is going to be uploaded.

Yes, exactly!  The "sub sites" each have their own "door" to the main site; their own "Index.php". 
Being able to run a quick list of working hyperlinks whenever I need a current one would be very handy.  The "sub-sites" change.  Sometimes new ones, sometimes old ones gone.  One problem is the APACHE layout included a single main "sub-site" sub-directory called "\webroot\" that shows when I pull a "DIR" command.  It  can't be left in the hyperlink or it wont work. "\webroot\name\project\index.php" is the best I can get. Then delete the "/webroot" afterward.

I ran across the perfect script to do this somewhere years back but I have no idea what it was or where I found it :(


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