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Security, Law, Ego, and Patheticness

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This is just bonkers...


Hacker locates John McAfee through smartphone tracks

Weeks of international intrigue about the whereabouts of tech millionaire John McAfee ended Tuesday after the Internet pioneer made an elementary digital mistake that highlighted the fraught relationship Americans have with what they once quaintly called “the telephone.”

That homely communication tool, wired into walls everywhere for the better part of a century, has become an untethered e-mailer, browser, banker, shopper, movie viewer, music player and — to an extent that few appreciate — digital spy of extraordinary power.

McAfee, 67, who founded the popular antivirus company that bears his name, has been wanted for questioning by police in Belize since a neighbor turned up dead of a gunshot wound near McAfee’s beach-side home Nov. 11. The troubled tech savant, insisting that he had no role in the shooting, went on the run and has been taunting police by blog, Twitter and occasional podcast.

Authorities couldn’t catch him. But a hacker called Simple Nomad learned McAfee’s location shortly after journalists posted an image of him from his supposedly secret locale under the provocative headline, “We are with John McAfee right now, suckers.”

Embedded in that image, apparently taken by one of the journalists, was the sort of detailed data routinely collected by smartphone cameras and often transmitted along with images wherever they go — on e-mail, Facebook, online photo albums and, it turns out, to Vice magazine’s Web site.

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Security: Duh... Cameras embed EXIF data.
Law: Oh god...
Ego: This is just funny!
Patheticness: Hacker? God... It's called looking at EXIF data...

Meh... Whatever. This whole McAfee thing is just one long string of laughs! :P


If he ever gets back the the .us, he should have his own celebrity show - I propose "Cooking with McAfee" ;)

Stoic Joker:
His product couldn't find a virus if it had a note stapled to it, and apparently IRL he's not that sharp either. So he got nailed in much the same way as most of his products users did (StupidITy).

Just goes to show it's seldom wise to taunt people regardless of your motivation.

All it usually accomplishes is to put yourself on the receiving end of a "challenge accepted" response from the Universe.

And +1 with SJ. There aren't too many commercial software products that outright suck. But McAfee's products definitely suck.


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