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Podcast Audio Radio Show Question - submit your online answer

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Argh! :wallbash: I recorded the message at least ten times and finally when I got one I was satisfied with, I pressed submit and got an error and lost it all!

i'm so sorry deozaan - i didn't even think about the danger of losing a recording..
everyone please feel free to test submit a blank one to test it before wasting time.

and please feel free to record your message using any program you want and either emailing it or using anonymous ftp upload to

please record another  :(

I sent a blank test one no problem. :Thmbsup: Then I recorded my message a few times until I was finally satisfied and now the Submit button won't activate so I can't submit it.  :huh: :'( :mad:

Curse you, Odeo! >:( >:(

damn that thing!!!!
maybe this is why we've had so few submissions  :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:

free recordering software:


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