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Podcast Audio Radio Show Question - submit your online answer

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Question of the Month: What was the first time you used a computer?

* For each show we ask our members to submit their answer to a different question. We'll include a few of our favorite answers in each podcast.
* Please don't forget to introduce yourself at the start of your voicemail using your forum name.
* Record and submit your voice message now using Flash technology!

From there you will find a link to a side which lets you
record your answer online and submit it to us.

Please participate - we will add some of the best answers to the show!

more info at:

OMG! This is an idea that deserves recognition! Who thought of this "question of the month" idea? It's brilliant!
I'll be submiting my answer soon :D

I just got lost looking for the podcast stuff, do, here are all the links:
Podcast Audio Radio Show - Upcoming Show Planning
Podcast Audio Radio Show Question - submit your online answer
Be Part of the First Team Podcast Radio Show Contest!

come on people!!!
record your answer!!!

best entry will receive a donationcoder mug with some great tea.


good boy.


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