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LaunchBar Commander on Windows 7 x64?

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If you open up your LBC options, on the left you should see a node labeled "FILE [NAME OF YOUR FILE]".
Select that, then choose File -> Save File As from the menu.
See where that is trying to save your file.
If it's not saving it in D:\Documents\DonationCoder\LaunchbarCommander\, then change to that directory and save it there.
Then exit LBC and restart.
And then let me know if you see that error about failure to save file again.

The error you posted clearly showed it was trying to save a dock file of a different name in your Program Files directory:

So the thing you need to make sure is that it's not still loading that old file in your Program Files directory, or if it is, that you do a Save As to move it to the new D:\Documents directory.

So what I'm trying to walk you through is making sure you aren't still working with that dock file, and that you save a new version of it in your Documents folder if you want to continue using it.

NOTE: If you have multiple *FILE* nodes on the left hand side of your options, make sure to do the same with each.

Wow!  OK, here's how it went so far:

I clicked File>Save As and sure enough it was trying to save to the Program Files directory. So I changed it to the D:\Documents\DonationCoder\LaunchBarCommander\ directory. Before exiting I checked both the C:\Program Files\LaunchBarCommander\ and D:\Documents\LaunchBarCommander\ directories and it was correctly saved to the latter (D:\Documents\LaunchBarCommander\).

However when I clicked File>Exit anotherd error dialog started replicating itself. Screenshot attached.


So now I must exit every damn one of those - or reboot the computer!

I almost hate starting LBC up and trying this again!



So now I must exit every damn one of those - or reboot the computer!
--- End quote ---

No, just hit ctrl+alt+delete to show the Task Manager, find LaunchbarCommander.exe, and terminate it.

I apologize for the problems that the program is causing you -- hopefully you are the test pilot who will eventually help me find the bug and fix it for future users.

Can you send me (or post) a screenshot of your configuration tree window.

When you get that error now, you didnt say whether it was still first complaining about not saving
"C:\Program FIles\LaunchbarCommander\Jims Main Dock-02_bak_121130_0959.mcf"

I need to make sure we are talking about the same problem.

If it is still complaining about that file, how about exiting LBC and deleting that file (C:\Program FIles\LaunchbarCommander\Jims Main Dock-02_bak_121130_0959.mcf) -- since it seems that its still loading that file.

Also can you delete any configdir.ini and configdir_default.ini file that is in your C:\ProgramFiles\LaunchbarCommander directory.

No problem. Believe it or not, I started clicking the OK button on the box at the bottommost right and then since the OK button remained highlighted I just held down the Enter button and they all closed within a second! Stupid but somewhat effective.   :-[

I restarted LBC and then clicked File>Exit once more and it closed without a whimper this time. Another thing I remember that was odd: A few days ago - I think it was right after my first post in this thread - I deleted a couple of docks that I had not actively created. Both were named "MyFirstLaunchBar.mcf" and they had somehow inserted themselves on top of my real dock, something like this:

Jim's Main Dock.mcf
Followed by my nodes.

I'm not completely certain about whether or not the "FILE:" was only after the first entry or more, but I was looking through all my nodes for any reference to the incorrect Program Files location that was showing up in the earlier error boxes. I found that many of the icons were referencing the file locations from , I guess, XP when the Program Files directory held all the 32 bit programs. I was manually editing each node to insert the correct icon location. That was when I noticed the extraneous docks mentioned above. So I closed LBC, found and deleted those docks, and restarted. Looks correct now.

My concern is that I never created those other docks named "MyFirstLaunchBar.mcf". I believe that is the name of the sample dock that is created by default upon installation of LBC. Why would those have been injected into my dock's path? Any ideas?

Anyway, thanks for the help!


Oops - you posted again before me!


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